Youth empowerment

Setting Africa’s youth ablaze for Christ

Youth are the future of Africa, and it is essential that effective youth discipleship and empowerment programs are part of our mission strategy.

Foxfire Teams are the youth arm of African Enterprise’s Evangelistic and Mission activities. The program’s name comes from Judges 15:3-5. In this passage, Samson catches 300 foxes, ties torches to their tails, sets the torches on fire and releases them into the fields of the Philistines. The vision of this ministry is to set youth ablaze with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and send them out into the world.

Each team of approximately ten young African Christians, give a year of their lives to the service. They have a passion for sharing the gospel with youth, regardless of their backgrounds. Many have gone through great personal difficulties and hardship. As a result, they can speak with great understanding to other young people who are experiencing similar situations.

Once a team is formed, their year begins with two months of intensive training that equips them with knowledge and a variety of skills. Foxfires then visit local schools, youth groups, churches, children’s homes and colleges. They use energetic dance and engaging drama performances to share the gospel message. They also help to identify, train and develop younger leaders by equipping them with various life skills. This is done through programmes focused
on issues such as peer pressure, drug abuse, crime, poverty, HIV/Aids and unemployment. Foxfires play an important role in promoting development in communities and teaching youth how to function effectively in society.

They play a vital role in AE city-wide and university missions each year. Their vibrancy and energy attract large crowds of school children and engages them deeply in the Gospel of Jesus, leading to further questions being addressed, and outreach for support.

My background had hugely weighed me down (Kenya)

My background had hugely weighed me down (Kenya)

“Hi my name is Lizzy. I have been positively impacted with the program on major challenges I have had as an individual. My background had hugely weighed me down. I am a firstborn in a family of four. Where the three are my step-siblings. My mother...

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I’ve always felt unloved, unworthy (South Africa)

I’ve always felt unloved, unworthy (South Africa)

Luyanda Zulu Rejection – I was abandoned at birth. So, I’ve always felt unloved, unworthy and this all led to me trying to fit in for I struggled to be accepted socially. How I dealt with this the current church (Christ Amplified Church) I joined...

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