COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the Department of Education in South Africa posed a major challenge for the SA Foxfires Team to visit schools after commissioning. After several unsuccessful attempts to arrange visits, God opened up doors for ministry in schools after presenting the matter to Him in prayer. The Foxfires team made the very first school visit to Engobhiyeni Primary School in Wartburg which was characterized by a two-day program which included an assembly, a number of life skills classes and distribution of Share the Warmth Drive hampers.

Shortly thereafter, the team got ministry opportunities in Sweetwaters, which included visits to a primary school, a secondary school and a Children’s Home – Tetelegu Primary School where the team ministered in the assembly through a skit, Shayabuntu Secondary School where many teenagers gave their lives to the Lord and ministry to Tabitha and iCare Street Children’s Homes in South Coast of KZN, South Africa which was coupled with distribution of groceries and school shoes.

After intense months of training and capacity building, the Foxfires Team in Malawi engaged in an outreach mission in partnership with Design Outreach at Dowa in Lilongwe City. 132 people were reached and 81 of them committed to follow Christ.

Later, the team conducted a school outreach at Mvama Private School in Lilongwe where they ministered to 105 secondary school students and 74 got born again.

18 Foxfires have been a force to reckon in Kenya as they engaged in outreach activities within Kenya’s Nairobi City and other areas. Early July, the youngsters were part of the missioners in Mombasa during the Mombasa West Mission that saw 10,986 people commit their lives to Christ.

The team engaged in ministry to International Christian Church Oloolua, Ngong where they preached the gospel in the church’s neighborhood reaching 117, 31 of whom committed to follow Christ. Later in the same month, they attended a service at International Christian Church in Kerarapon and at Deliverance Church Milimani, Nairobi where the Foxfires engaged 121 teenagers in relevant matters that concern sexual purity, behavior, academic excellence and Christlikeness.

They later did a mission in Mashuuru, Kajiado County in conjunction with PCEA St. Andrews Church Nairobi in which they ministered in 23 PCEA Churches reaching 321 individuals, 5 of whom received salvation.

In the last week of July, the team had an engaging and life changing training on sexual purity which culminated with the signing of a commitment certificate to stay sexually pure. The Kenyan cohort graduates this September from the programme.

“I have greatly grown in God’s word and ministry for the months I have been in the Foxfires Programme. This I believe is an impact I will always cherish. I have gained a hope for tomorrow. I have gained the confidence to spread the word. This, with the help of God, I will continue to do for God’s Glory.” – Winnie Achieng’, Kenya Foxfire

“My life has been impacted spiritually, socially, mentally as well as physically. I am glad to go through such a holistic transformation. I have come to learn a lot of things, some of which I have already started applying in my family, church, and I have been able to share some with my friends.” – Memory Suwadi, Malawi Foxfire