1 Corinthians 16 v22

2022 will be the Diamond Jubilee of the evangelistic ministry of African Enterprise on the African continent. We shall neither merely celebrate the memory of beginnings nor the passage of time. Our celebration is God’s achievements through His servants ever since 1962.

Celebration is written in God’s plan for us. God commanded various celebrations to mark His work for them and to rededicate to God’s mission. Each milestone helped Israel to look ahead with renewed faith in God. The Feasts were His story.

AE began with a godly vision in the heart of our brother, Michael Cassidy, during a period of isolation for South Africa. It grew to envelope another international (African) evangelist, Bishop Festo Kivengere, a child of the East African Revival, and already fired up for the Gospel of Christ.

The vision may have appeared unpromising initially, but by God’s hand it has resulted in an ever-expanding national reach in Africa. AE has had a footprint in the four corners on this beloved continent, with ten offices so far and growing.

Yet AE was not founded to open offices but for outreach to build the church of Christ indelibly in Africa. AE’s vision is the more strategic when we consider the phenomenal growth of the church on the continent; it is positioned for mission until the return of our Christ.

We bow in thanksgiving to God for the six decades. We thank God for our generals both deceased and living that have carried the inextinguishable torch of the Gospel, each coming before Jesus with a harvest of disciples. We look with hope to the victorious and glorious return of our Savior to reclaim all His creation. Amen, our LORD come, Maranatha!