Capacity development and governance

AE is agile and increasingly wellresourced
to bring the Gospel and social action programs to growing city populations in Africa

Capacity building and governance goal

AE’s vision mission is to be a catalyst for holistic urban evangelism in Africa, in partnership with churches. It was established in South Africa in 1962, and is steered by an international team representing 10 African nations and 5 Western/European countries reporting to an international CEO and board. Independent governance structures are also in place in each of the 15 representative countries.

Mutual aims of the partnership are to undertake the work of the Great Commission in accordance with Matthew 28. Our beliefs are aligned through the Lausanne Covenant (website address) and a covenant of partnership provides a general governance and accountability structure.

We are committed to achieving the work that the Lord has called us through effective ministry, development, fundraising activities and good governance.

Our aim, with our partners support, is to reach out to new communities for Christ through Word and Deed.